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Photo-A-Day #3443

Today I took Andrew to playgroup. That was after we were both stung by some particularly aggressive yellow jackets. For a while now there had been a few yellow jackets hanging around the trash and recycling. I hand’t paid them much mind until today. Today there were a ton of them. Andrew and I walked out to the car. I stopped to lock the back gate and Andrew walked in front of the car around to his seat. I turn and he is waving his hands and crying. I then noticed a bunch of these yellow jackets around him and I dashed over to him and scooped him up and brought him to the back of the car. Along the way one of them stunk my above my inner elbow. It hurt like hell. I could only imagine what Andrew was feeling. Luckily he had no major reaction and luckily he only had a little sting on his knuckle.

I quickly ran him into the house as I was Googling bee stings on my phone and trying to figure out what to do. I got him some ice for his finger and gave him a band aid. He settled a bit and we went out and got in the car, giving the yellow jackets a wide berth. He was good and settled well. He told me once in a while that his finger hurt. As for me I watched my arm swell a bit, big red mark and raised point where I was stung. It eventually went away.

When we got home I went shopping for a future post and while I was at Walmart I picked up an electric tennis racket and some wasp spray. I could have just gone with the spray but I was looking for a little payback. I think that we may be dealing with a bit of a nest situation. This should be fun.

Oh, and Andrew put on this old shirt of mine to pain and acted very silly.

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