Time to Play Holiday Showcase 2012

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Took the train from Providence down to New York for the Time to Play 2012 Holiday Showcase. This was my second time to Play event and it was so much fun. Last year was my first ever time attending the event and I was there as a special blogger guest of Time to Play. This year I got an invite to attend but getting there and back was on my own. No biggie, I took the train down from Providence hopped on the subway and arrived there moments after the Press Conference was over. The Press conference is the announcement of the Time to Play’s Holiday 2012 Most Wanted Toys List.

I’m glad I went because I saw a bunch of old friends and also met many of my contacts face to face. One even gave me a bunch of Wreck-It-Ralph toys and a Batman toy. I couldn’t carry the Batman toy so I gave it to Adam Cohen of DadaRocks.com.

There was so much to see at the event that I couldn’t possibly see everything but I tried. Here is a sample of the things that I did get to see including Skylanders Giants! I got to play with the upcoming game. I cannot wait for that to be released on October 21, 2012.

I did notice that my two favorite brands and the ones that I’ve spent the most on this whole past year did not put anything in the gifting suite. They were SkyLanders and LEGO. It would have been very cool to get a SkyLanders figure or even one of the Skylanders sidekicks. And for LEGO they could have given out a Series 8 minifig. Now that would have been cool. My third favorite brand didn’t have anything either but that was because they got in too late. Oh well, as it was I was barely able to bring everything home. More about the toys I brought home in the days to come. Here’s that gallery of images from the day. I went crazy with Instagram on the way home.

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