Too Excited to Wait

Photo-A-Day #2412

I bet you were thinking I was talking about the new baby (Still not here yet Baby-Watch 2011 ongoing). No, I’m talking about tomorrow’s SwagsGiving giveaway for the LEGO Master Builder Academy set. I’ve been playing with this LEGO set and I am really impressed by it. I love the tips from the Master Builders, I love how the set has three different space ships that you can create and I love the online component of the set. Tomorrow you get your chance to enter to win this amazing set and I was too excited to wait to tell you about it.

On the personal home front we had Eva’s first progress report and she’s doing excellent. The one thing that we have to work on with her are fine motor skills. So tonight before dinner we worked together to build this LEGO rocket ship. I figure that we can play and she can develop those skills while we do so.

We also had a Dr.’s appointment to check up on the status of the baby. Baby is hanging tough and not quite budging yet. Tomorrow is Allison’s Due date and we’re all pretty ready to meet the baby so we can stop calling the baby, the baby and having no clue of the gender. One week from today an induction is scheduled so it is either November 22 or anytime before that.

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  1. Wow, congrats for your coming baby. I know what you feel now that you are about to have a baby. I already have 3 kids, all boys and my eldest loves Lego. I hope I can get him a new set. Again, congrats!!!!

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