Tooth Fairy Trepidation

Photo-A-Day #2628

Eva lost her first tooth today. On Saturday Eva had her recital and during the finale she looked so sad. She told Allison that one of her front teeth was loose. It was able to wiggle both front and back. Well, this morning Eva had a granola bar that was chewy and we think that her tooth was pulled out and she swallowed it without knowing about it. So then, after that she was very worried about not having her tooth for the Tooth Fairy.

We had Tooth Fairy discussions all day long.

E. How would the Tooth Fairy get her tooth if she swallowed it?
Me. Magic.
E. How does the Tooth Fairy know that I lost a tooth?
Me. The Tooth Fairy just knows.
E. How?
Me. Magic.
E. But I swallowed it, how will the Tooth Fairy get it out of my tummy?
Me. The Tooth Fairy has special magic to get swallowed teeth without hurting you at all.
E. How?
Me. Magic. Please get some sleep.

Eva also wants to talk to our friend Michele’s son because he is the only kid she knows who has already lost teeth. She wanted to know what it felt like to lose a tooth. How did he feel about getting new teeth and more. Eva is one deep kid.

Eva went to sleep and now the real trick begins, getting some money under her pillow without her knowing. Tooth Fairy Mission Impossible time.

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