Touchdown Taco Dip for Your Big Game Parties #PartyWithBigY

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Touchdown Taco Dip

Family, Food and Football. These three words go together so well. Each year for The Big Game we go and get a bunch of appetizers and pig out while we watch the biggest football game of the year together. Sometimes I make something special and this year it is going to be a kicked up version of my Touchdown Taco Dip. This is a dip that you have to spoon onto your plate because it is a crazy amount of layers of awesome. I did my shopping for the dip early and I did it at Big Y.

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I used my Big Y shopper’s card and was able to get enough supplies to make my Touchdown Taco Dip twice over. I was able to do this because almost everything that I purchased was a buy one get one free sort of deal. I also tried to buy the Big Y version of all of my supplies whenever possible. I did this for two reasons. I wanted to see how the quality was and choosing the Big Y version was usually the better, more cost effective deal.

Taco Dip Ingredients

Like I said earlier, I amped up my Touchdown Taco Dip this year. In the past the dip had cream cheese, chili and melted cheese. Pretty basic. But this year we are talking many more layers. I picked up cream cheese, chili, fresh ground beef, refried beans, salsa con queso, shredded cheese, jalapeños and black olives infused with jalapeños for the cooked part. Then I also picked up salsa, sour cream and guacamole to add to the mix after it cooked. I also got a couple of bags of tortilla chips which were buy one get one free. Yes, this was going to be a pretty epic dip.

Assembled Taco Dip

Assembling the dip is super easy because you pretty much layer everything together and bake it, except the ground beef, you have to brown that with some taco seasoning (if desired) first and then add it to the dip. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients: add whatever else you like to taste, this is what I like.
Cream cheese, chili, fresh ground beef, refried beans, salsa con queso, shredded cheese, jalapeños and black olives infused with jalapeños for the cooked part.
Salsa, sour cream and guacamole for the additional post cooking toppings.


  1. In a large pan begin to layer the ingredients. Here is the order I like to use.
    • Layer 1 – 1 package of Cream Cheese – spread over the entire bottom of the pan
    • Layer 2 – 1 can of Chili – Layer on top of the Cream Cheese covering it entirely
    • Layer 3 – Shredded Cheese – I like to have some light layers of shredded cheese throughout the dip
    • Layer 4 – Browned Ground Beef – Please brown it first, drain off the fat, add taco seasoning
    • Layer 5 – 1/2 jar of Salsa con Queso – Goes perfectly on top of the browned ground beef
    • Layer 6 – 1 can of Refried Beans – Cover everything
    • Layer 7 – 1/2 jar of Salsa con Queso – Cover as much as you can
    • Layer 8 – Completely cover with Shredded Cheese
    • Layer 9 – Add some Jalapeños and Black Olives on the top, make it look pretty
  2. Bake in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. This will melt the cheese nicely.
  3. Serve with Tortilla Chips, Sour Cream, Salsa and Guacamole.
  4. Enjoy!

Touchdown Taco Dip

When you have finished making this creation you’re gonna want to dig right in and enjoy it. You are going to need a serving spoon because no chip can stand up to this dip on its own. Spoon out the dip onto plates, sprinkle on some more shredded cheese and jalapeños. Then add on the sour cream, salsa and guacamole as well as anything else you’d like to add. Enjoy with a mess of tortilla chips. I hope that you have plenty of those on hand because you are going to want to go back for seconds.

Taco Dip and Chips

I served this to the family to try out my newest recipe and they enjoyed it. We had some extra ground beef and refried beans so we also had tacos for dinner. I completely overfilled the taco dip so that is why I had so much extra. Works for me. I can make this again for The Big Game.

Finished Taco Dip

The closest Big Y to me is actually a ways away which is too bad because I enjoy shopping there. However, when I get a chance, I stop on my way in to work because I can get a huge order of Fish and Chips and a drink for around $12. It is done right there in the seafood department and I love that. I get my Fish and Chips and head over to the little cafe area and have dinner before work. If I am pressed for time I can get a fresh made sandwich at the sandwich shop or I can do my shopping and order a pizza that will be freshly made. These are huge pizzas and if you have a silver or a gold coin you can get big discounts. Discounts not only on the items I mentioned but many other items in Big Y.

For the Big Game there are many options for your party attendees in the Food Service Department.

  • Party Power Pack: two 30 inch super subs (roast beef, ham or turkey), party size pizza (one topping), 4 pounds of super tenders, InVinceIble Pizza (more info here:…)
  • InVinceible Sandwich (We start with a loaf of our famous LaCrosta Italian Bread, layer in a pound of meat (Ham, Pepperoni, Hard Salami and Capicola Hot Ham), add Provolone Cheese and top it with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, Onions, Banana Peppers, Mayonnaise and Basil Pesto.)
  • Game Day Seasoned Wings: in the butcher shop – Buffalo, Teriyaki, Beer Can and honey BBQ.
  • Party special: party size cheese pizza, 12 super tenders, one liter bottle of coke. $24.98 with silver coin
  • Smaller party special: large cheese, 6 super tenders, one liter bottle coke $12.98 with silver coin

There are some Big Y Locations that have something inside called Table & Vine. According to their website Table & Vine carries: “nearly 4,000 varieties of wine, over 2,700 spirits, 1,700 domestic, imported, micro and craft-brewed beers, 150 artisan cheeses and 1,500 specialty foods”. There are even stand alone Table & Vine stores. There was no Table & Vine at my Big Y but there are a few in Massachusetts so there may be one near you. The website has so much to offer. Also, Table & Vine is available for delivery in Massachusetts.

If you are putting together your own Big Game celebration and have a Big Y near you, what would you buy there for your party goers?

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