Toy Fair New York 2020 – Day 1

At the Modarri Booth

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I am working with the Modarri brand to showcase their toy cars at Toy Fair. Opinions are my own.

Today I took a very early train down to New York City for the first toy fair for me in 3 or 4 years. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was able to attend the show. I did Dad 2.0 twice and Disney Social Media Moms Celebration once and I think I just couldn’t swing anything last year so it must be four years. Wow. Well, 6 years ago I attended and got to check out the Modarri line of toys in advance of receiving them from their Kickstarter campaign. I was an active backer and backed each subsequent campaign in the years since. I’ve also been fortunate to do some reviews with the cars in that time. The latest one was of their Modarri Car Configurator, an online car creation program that you can use to have a real Modarri car shipped to you. Now I am back at Toy Fair New York and for the next couple of days I’m going to be showcasing the Modarri line of cars and now Monster Trucks. I’ll be showing you the vehicles, interviewing the team and doing some fun stuff while at their booth. So, stay tuned for much more content about Modarri.

Modarri Turbo Speedster Hercules CarI wasn’t at the Modarri booth all day long and so I was able to visit some other vendors. I fired a bunch of great marshmallow blasters including one that fired a large Marshmallow to the ceiling of the Javits Center! That was crazy! I saw a dancing, push up doing transforming robot that you can program to dance better than I ever have or ever will. It may even rival Andrew’s dances. I learned about a gaming product that lets you create tons of games from your drawings. I’m excited for more Scooby Doo Playmobil as well as the upcoming Back to the Future Playmobil sets, they are spectacular. I had my vision inverted and was able to see upside-down, that was freaky. I saw tons of incredible statues and action figures and so much more. I’m looking forward to whole new property coming from Playmonster and even saw a board game based on Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure which makes me want to play it after watching the original movie with the kids. I know they’ll love it.

And this was just Day 1. I’m here for 3 more days. I hope my legs hold up.

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