Toy Review: Zoomer the Puppy

Eva with Zoomer

We received a Zoomer Electronic Puppy to try out and review. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own based on my time playing with the toy.

At Toy Fair this year I visited the SpinMaster booth and discovered Zoomer. Zoomer is an electronic pet that can respond to your voice commands and perform many tricks. We received one to try out and Eva was overjoyed by this toy. The only trouble was, Eva has been losing teeth and it is a little difficult to understand the voice commands that she is giving. Zoomer understands me perfectly fine and performs all of the commands very well, unless he is feeling naughty, then he ignores them and does his own thing.


Zoomer has multiple sensors on his body that enable him to interact with you or your child. He can do a number of tricks and learn more of them. The more you interact with Zoomer the smarter he becomes and the easier it is for him to do tricks. He even has secret tricks that you can learn by going to the Zoomer website and also to the Zoomer Facebook fan page.

Zoomer Looking

The Zoomer puppy understands English, French and Spanish and there is a UK version that understands Russian. Zoomer is expressive. His eyes can show excitement, love and shyness among other emotions. Zoomer is interactive. His sensors can see things like a ball to play with and chase or a child to walk behind. Zoomer is mobile. He has wheels on the bottom of his legs and can zoom all around on flat surfaces. When he gets to a wall he can reverse direction and go somewhere else.

Zoomer Peeing

If you just want a random trick you can press the button on Zoomer’s back and he’ll do one. Will it be a secret one, who knows? And yes, he can even lift his leg for a potty break, but won’t soil your rugs.

Zoomer is getting on everyone’s must have list for Christmas, I’ve seen multiple toy lists that Zoomer is on. The price tag on Zoomer is $99 but I’ve seen sales with Zoomer as low as $79. He’s rechargeable and won’t go chewing on your slippers. A very entertaining toy.

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