Toy Updates – LEGO Dimensions & More Modibots

Modibot with Wings
Photo-A-Day #4331

My new table for making videos is totally cluttered. I brought home a bunch of the Modibots that I bought years ago and show those in today’s video. I’ll be working with the kids on how to do some Stop Motion Animation during February vacation. Yesterday I made some of the Magnetic feet for my Modibots so that we could do our animations.

I also picked up the Knight Rider LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack. I’m excited to see what the character and vehicle can do. I’m also excited to hear William Daniels’ voice as K.I.T.T.

also, during vacation I’m looking forward to working on some videos with Eva. She likes making them with me and we have a kitchen related one to work on. It is also Marvel related. We’re doing some cookies and some gummies.

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