Transformers: Beast Wars DVD Season 1

Transformers: Beast Wars Revisited – Season 1 on DVD

Transformers: Beast Wars DVD Season 1Back in 1996 I was graduating from college and my favorite childhood show was getting a reboot. Transformers came back on TV with an entirely new story. This time instead of the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons duking it out on earth we had the Mighty Maximals and Evil Predacons fighting on an unknown planet (but we knew). The story centers around four Maximals who are space explorers that end up chasing down a Predacon ship after the Predacons steal a mysterious golden disk from Cybertron. The two ships crash land on “mysterious planet” but not before the Maximals jettison stasis pods into a safe orbit. Outnumbered and outclassed the Maximals Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rhinox and Rattrap must learn to work together in order to survive. Oh yeah, and it isn’t cars and planes this time around but rather animals.

I remember watching this when it came out, visually it was pretty amazing. The animation was a 3D CGI type style, the voice work was exceptional and the characters interesting. From this series the Transformers Universe got things like Stasis Pods, CR chambers, expletives like “Slag” and more. The characters weren’t just rehashes of the same ones from the series in 1984. These were brand new and each had some decent character development over the life of the series. One of the biggest debates that still rage in Transformers fandom is that of “Truck vs. Monkey”. Optimus Primal was obviously the Optimus Prime character and Megatron an ancestor/predecessor of Megatron.

The story spans 52 episodes and then “transformed” into Beast Machines. I count the two series as one and really enjoyed watching it all. So, when I got the opportunity to review the first season on DVD from Shout Factory I immediately jumped at the chance. I mean, I’m a guy who owns over 500 of these plastic toys and has seen every series (good and bad, Beast Wars was definitely good) that has ever been put out.

I just wish that I’d gotten the complete series on DVD so that I wouldn’t have to wait for season two to be released to watch the rest of the story again. Here are some clips of the show.

The Maximals new forms.

Dinobot challenges Megatron

Dinobot, from this series was even voted into the Transformers Hall of Fame in 2010 by the fans. This Predacon turned Maximal antihero resonated well with the fandom. Always talking about honor and challenging everyone for the role of leader. He had Starscream’s ambition but not his cowardice or deviousness. I can see why he was selected as a fan favorite.

Disclosure: I received the DVD for free but am a Transformers fan from 1984. I own over 500 Transformers toys and have seen nearly every episode of every US series. I even saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen twice (yeah, I’ll admit to it) and will be first in line for Dark of the Moon.

Here is the official press release about the DVD Season 1 and the complete series for Transformers: Beast Wars.

Featuring All 26 Episodes and Exciting Bonus Content in a 4-DVD Set

Featuring 8-DVDs, All 52 Action-Packed Episodes, New Bonus Content, Collectible 24-Page Comic Book and Much More!

Brace yourself to relive some of the most epic TRANSFORMERS battles and non-stop action adventures through the 15th Anniversary release of BEAST WARS. In 1996, TRANSFORMERS fans were introduced to this stunning saga between the heroic MAXIMALS and the evil PREDACONS wherethese powerful TRANSFORMERS disguised themselves as some of the fiercest and most ferocious animals on Earth. In a flash of an instant, these beasts turned into battle-tested robot warriors ready for combat. Created by Hasbro and produced by Mainframe Entertainment, the hugely successful animated series TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS ran for three successful television seasons and garnered an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation.

On June 7, 2011, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc., will unleash the TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS Season One 4-DVD set, featuring all 26 visually stunning episodes and exciting bonus features. A must-have for fans and families, this DVD set promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with exciting adventures and is priced to own at $29.93 SRP.

Die-hard fans further rejoice! Shout! Factory, along with Hasbro, Inc., are set to release the TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS – The Complete Series Collector’s Edition 8-DVD box set. Jam packed with hours of entertaining content, this Complete Series Collector’s Edition contains the entire CG animated series of BEAST WARS and a bounty of stellar extras, including retrospective featurettes, a 12-page book, art galleries, plus a special collectible 24-page comic book TRANSFORMERS Timelines “Dawn of the Future’s Past.” Originally published by Fun Publications for BotCon, the official TRANSFORMERS convention, in 2006, the comic book is the official prequel story leading right up to the start of Beast Wars and offers valuable insight into all the events that led to OPTIMUS PRIMAL chasing after MEGATRON and PREDACONS! TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS – The Complete Series Collector’s Edition arrives exclusively to Shout! Factory’s official online store on June 7, 2011. Pre-order begins now!

As excitement builds for these home entertainment releases, Shout! Factory will announce additional activities for fans in the incomingmonths.

Synopsis: When the descendants of the treacherous DECEPTICONS — now known as PREDACONS — land on a mysterious planet in search of a powerful fuel known as Energon, it’s up to OPTIMUS PRIMAL and the heroic MAXIMALS to stop them before they conquer the universe!
Bonus Features Include: Maximize! Creating A New Breed of TRANSFORMER, Art gallery, Original character models

Technical Information
Street Date: June 7, 2011
Not Rated: For all audiences
Suggested Retail Price: $29.93
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
English, stereo

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