Travel is so Glamorous

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I’m back out on the road after a quick trip this past September. I’m helping out my former group by doing a couple of demos. So, today I flew from Providence to Baltimore by way of New York. It seems to me that every time I traveled the country back when I was traveling all the time I’d always go through BWI but getting a direct flight there doesn’t happen. I swear that if I was flying from Providence to Boston I’d have to make 5 connections.

So, I ended up up landing around 4:30 and then hopping in the car to drive what the GPS told me would be an hour and a half drive. Yeah, I didn’t get to the hotel until 8:00pm. I was on the lookout for some local restaurant but that didn’t happen either. So I hit Mickey D’s, also they had free wi-fi and I wanted to check a few messages and things. I also had to charge my phone because about 5 miles from the destination it crapped out on me. I used to print out the maps before each trip and drive and hold them. Now that I have the Droid and the GPS in it I figured I would use that. Apparently I used it too much and ran down the battery. I use my laptop to charge the phone and or at least I thought I would. It seemed to be charging and then all of a sudden it just died.

I did find the hotel though. Tomorrow I will make sure I get something more interesting than Evabear on the bed with some firm and fluffy pillows. EvaBear is not too impressed with this travel thing so far.

Oh when I got to get online I checked the e-mail from work and saw that the demos are to be in a prior version of our software. the last time I demoed in that software was actually 2 years ago, exactly. the great thing is that I was able to do all the setup in no time at all. I hope the demo goes well tomorrow.

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