Trick or Treat 2009

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I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween. This morning we visited our friends A and R to go and see their little swaddlepotimus. What a little cutie. We had a nice visit and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Tonight was Halloween and Eva was more than ready to get going. She knew that she was going to be Tinkerbell (thanks to Dina Riccobono). She had already gotten a taste of dressing up this past Monday when she went to Madonna Manor to visit the residents in her costume. Eva said, “Trick or Treat” all throughout the day. She also was fond of telling people that she would be Tinkerbell tonight. Eva was ready, more than ready for Halloween.

Tonight Eva got dressed in her Tinkerbell costume. We put all of our candy into a wooden bowl and went out to the front steps to greet the little ghosts and goblins. We were visited by our friends Marybeth and Damian along with their little Mickey. We sat Mickey and Tink on the front steps and tried to catch a few shots of the two of them.

Tink and Mickey

I had to shoot quick because Mickey is one fast kid. Then Eva and he ran all over the front yard and had a great time.

My sister Tara came out with us as well. She watched the fort while Allison, Eva and I took a quick walk around the neighborhood. We only hit about 5 houses up and down the street, families that we have known for a long time and even our church priest. There were many houses that were not participating this year and we had low numbers of Trick or Treaters.

It was a nice night and Eva enjoyed giving out the candy even more than going from house to house trick or trating for it. She gave out the candy to the kids and told them Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat. It was a very nice family night for us too. Tara took a photo of us on the front porch before we turned in for the night.

Our Family on Halloween 2009

Also I took a bunch of Tinkerbell for Halloween photos and posted them to Flickr.

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8 thoughts on “Trick or Treat 2009”

  1. What a fun night! AWESOME pictures:) Lil’ Mickey is adorable! I’m sure he makes the Mouse proud! Evaboo is a perfect Tinkerbell! I showed Jadyn a picture of her in her costume and usually she says “Who’s that?” Tonight she yelled “EVA!!!! She looks beeeee-uuuutiful!!!” (Think I bring up Eva a lot? haha)

    Happy Halloween!!!
    .-= Look at what Mo wrote blog ..motarpey: got a compliment on my "costume" 2nite (which consisted of Mouse ears, a red shirt & black pants). I heart my fellow Disney fanatics:) =-.

    1. Thanks Mo,
      Little Mickey is super fast, he was tearing all over the yard and Eva was running around squealing and laughing after him. So cute that Jadyn recognized her.

  2. Tinkerbell looks adorable! I’m glad she had so much fun! It’s hard to get shots of kids who move so fast. I’ve gotten so many blurred images trying to take photos. But you got a great one of the two of them.
    .-= Look at what Deborah wrote blog ..Welcome to FeedBurner =-.

    1. Deborah,
      Thank you. Snapping shots of little ones is tough, they are highly unpredictable and very fast. If you are not using a DSLR you should have it on kids and pets mode for quick focus.

  3. Eva makes a beautiful Tinker Bell! It was below 40 degrees here Halloween night, although not raining which was a nice change from previous years. I put Kaitlyn in a navy blue Hanes sweatshirt and sweatpants under her Cinderella dress so she would stay warm! She had a lot of fun and was out for an hour and a half collecting treats!

    1. Elizabeth,
      That sounds like fun. Eva hit 4 or 5 houses and had much more fun handing out candy to the “girls”. There was one other Tinkerbell who was not half as cute but then again I am biased.

    1. Thank you Lisa Marie Mary,

      If I was smart I’d have her run around the yard in the dark with her glow sticks and try a timed shot with a flash at the end, that would have been cool.
      We can’t believe how big she is too.

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