Trim the Tree With Starlight Flare

Photo-A-Day #1711

I love this time of year. The sights, sounds and smells of the seasons are so wonderful. It is a wonderful time of year to take photos. Christmas lights are perfect subjects. They don’t move, they they look incredible the longer you leave the shutter open and there are so many colors and possibilities. Shooting wide open also allows you to get some great bokeh too. There are so many options. Get out there and start shooting the lights.

So, last night after I wrote about working on the letter. It is something I enjoy reading every year, Dad. Today I put together a nice collage of photos to put inside the cards. I also took those over to CVS to get printed (there is no need to have two days of war with the printer.) When I took my Mom’s list of addresses and made labels I set them to print “Mrs. & Mrs. Andrew & Allison Bennett”. I was convinced that was the way to address labels. Completely convinced of this. Adamant.

I was wrong.

Today I fixed the labels.

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9 thoughts on “Trim the Tree With Starlight Flare”

  1. So how did you make the labels in the end?

    After I read this, I was curious and googled for etiquette sites to see what they thought. A lot of them said to address things for married couples as “Mr. & Mrs. John Doe”.

    Uhm, excuse me, but I have my own first name. My name is not Mrs. Michael Murphy, my name is Christine Murphy. We each have our own address labels for our personal stuff, but for mail that is from both of us, I just make it “Christine & Michael Murphy”. Alphabetical order, yanno?

    But at least one site was said the way you did it at first was incorrect. “Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Allison Bennett is redundant due to having two “ands”. I personally don’t like the alternative suggested, which would be “Mrs. Christine & Mr. Michael Murphy”, therefore, we just leave off the Mr. & Mrs. thing.

    I am personally offended when people send me a letter just for me, and address it to Mrs. Michael Murphy. I once fired an eye doctor I used to go to, because he insisted on this. I may have taken my husband’s last name when I married him, but I never gave up my own first name!
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    1. Christine,

      Oh yeah left that part out. And from your comment you aren’t going to like it. In the end the labels said Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bennett and such like that. I had to create two label sets to accommodate people with different last names and fiances and stuff like that. I could have gone the two first names way but that was too informal for the card list for my parents.

  2. So you did 2 Mrs.?

    Mrs. & Mrs. Andrew & Allison Bennett

    I do the Mr & Mrs HisFirstName HisLastName even though I didn’t change my last name. And just an FYI, you can address our Christmas card that way if you want. I’ll open it if I get to it first. 🙂

    That being said, I’m kind of surprised by the handful of (elderly) female customers I’ve come across who have opened up individual accounts in the name of Mrs HisFirstName HisLastName. I’ve never been in the position to ask, but I always wonder “What’s up with that?”

    Maybe someone can explain.
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  3. The pictures came out great. Next year something like that will work. looks like you have opened up a can of worms with the address thing. Thanks for the help.How do you address a stay at home dad? Mr. Denise Bennett?

    1. Dad,

      Ha, Ha, Ha – Are you now a stay at home Dad, should we change how we address our Christmas cards? Be careful once it is on the Internet it is true. I think that the addresses have created a touchstorm and I look forward to hearing more from people on this.

      Glad the photos came out nice, I’ll have to check them out tonight. CVS turned the photos around quickly. Next Year I’ll pull together some really good photos for the card or maybe we take an actual full family shot on the beach. I have a tripod and a camera and a remote, I think we can do it. then have the letter printed on the inside.

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