Trying to find the Balance

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One of the main points that I took away from the Modern Media Man conference was from Dave Taylor. He basically said that we have to have a work/life balance. I have not had that because all I have done is go, go, go and I am sick of it. What is the point of working for the weekend, which I have to because of a Full Time job that I need to have to support the family, just to turn around and work every other waking moment that I have.

And even though I am working really hard to help our family situation it is putting huge stress on my family life and I am sick of it. The thing is, I have done this to myself. I work in a crazy way constantly checking e-mails, Twitter, Facebook and then getting work done. Even as I write this I habitually check my e-mail even though I had no indicator in the tabs on my Chrome Browser. So I click on the browser and click refresh, no new mail, go back to writing the post. This is a terrible way to work and it is effecting pretty much everything that I do.

We are going on vacation in a week and I have even built in going to a conference during that time. I’ve been debating the value that I may get from the conference as opposed to the value that I would get from skipping it. In my mind I know that it is a no brainer and that I need the family time over the time working. I work for the time off enough as it is, why work during the time off.

Don’t expect to many updates while we are on vacation. I’m going to recap and capture that in an entirely different way that you are used to. The photos will still go up but there will be some differences.

Also I am going to institute something new from now on. I’m calling it Silent Saturdays and Sundays. On those days I will simply post a photo. I won’t be writing posts to go with them and if I want to recap what we did on the weekends then I will but I’m not working for the weekends any longer just to work more each weekend. This has to stop. I am going to work very hard to change my mindset to be more present with the people that matter most in my life and stop drinking in the addiction of being online all the time. My goals are those listed on the presentation in this photo. I think they are great ones to have.


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6 thoughts on “Trying to find the Balance”

  1. At the end of the day, your job nor your blog will hug you. I had t find this out the hard way with losing my ljob around christmas last year. Luckily we stayed afloat but your family is the only thing that is going to be there at the end of the day.

    I suck at work life balance. I get told it every day my job. I have been told to go home and spend time witht he family. BUT I want to be succesful at my job and I want to be the best

    Enjoy your vacation and misssing one conference will not be the end
    Look at what Buck Rogers wrote blog post ..Finding items using my phone

    1. Buck,

      You are right certainly, you are very much like me in the do as I say not as I do category too. 🙂

      I’m working on the balance and will try and find it daily.

  2. Drew, you are on the right track. You have a great family and you are a wonderful son. I am glad to hear that you are starting to realize that you can’t be be working all the time. You need down time, and there’s no better down time than quality time spent with the ones you love. You will find that your creative juices will flow much better when you step away from your work and let yourself relax. Listen to me,the guy who use to work 24/7. Try and follow those few tips and i’m sure you will be happier and more productive when you’re are working. Good Luck

    1. Dad,

      I hope that I am on the right track. I just started the proposal process with two new clients and a few new sponsors so things are getting more busy, but I just have to make sure that I focus on what is working to improve everything overall.

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