Twinkies are Back, Nobody Told Me

Photo-A-Day #3038

On those days when I haven’t taken a photo of anything, usually the weekends, I look around the office for something to shoot. For the past couple of weeks there has been a desk with 5 Twinkies on it. Back in November Twinkies disappeared from store shelves all over because Hostess went bankrupt. I personally haven’t eaten a Twinkie in years but when they were going away I completely missed the chance to snag one to eat. So now I walk by that desk and am so tempted to eat one.

They are back in stores and as my temptation grows I think about buying one to see how the new ones taste. Apparently, they are smaller in size, cost more and have a longer shelf life. But do they taste the same?

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4 thoughts on “Twinkies are Back, Nobody Told Me”

  1. Because of this post…and your posts on facebook…I bought a box today…they do taste the same…I think $3 a box is a little over the top though….especially when I can get little debbie snacks for like a buck 75.

    1. Courtney,

      It is so funny when I take a throwaway photo how much discussion it starts and now even to the point of influencing a purchase decision. Why can’t I do that when I intentionally want people to buy something. LOL. I have yet to buy them.

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