Two Celebrations!

Two Celebrations
Photo-A-Day #2123

Tonight we celebrated two big deals. For one it was my mother’s birthday. A significant one. We celebrated at our brand new favorite Chinese Restaurant, House of Fortune. My father actually was one of the people who did much of the finish work on the restaurant and it looks amazing. The food was incredible as well. A great meal to celebrate a great birthday!

The second celebration is that my baby sister, Shelby, announced that she was engaged. We heard the whole story of Tim’s proposal and it was really nice. He had asked for my father’s blessing at Christmas. It was a really great story and we are happy that Shelby and Tim are getting married. We are also very happy to have Tim join our family. They are great together and make each other very happy.

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9 thoughts on “Two Celebrations!”

    1. Andy,

      Yes, the owners of House of Fortune were the original owners of Fortune House. It is off 106 near Kelly BLVD (the major intersection) and next to the new 7-11 there. The place is beautiful.

  1. It was really wonderful to have everyone together celebrating. Tim and Shelby are excited and we are all very happy for them. Mom is taking that “special birthday” well. Having her family to celebrate with her meant a lot to her.

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