Unboxing my YesVideo DVD

As part of my Ambassadorship with YesVideo I was given a gift card so that I could use the service through CVS Pharmacy. I brought 8 8mm film reels to the pharmacy, they contained footage from various early events in my life like my first Christmas, my Christening and more. If I ever actually saw these on 8mm the memory of that is very fuzzy. What I did recognize while watching the DVD was that we had many photos of those same events. So in addition to the 8mm camera my parents also shot still of these events as well. While the technology of capturing memories may have changed over the years it is nice to know that my kids will also have video and stills from the major holidays and events of their lives. They’ll just have a crazy amount to pour over when they grow up.

So I unboxed, or rather unbagged my DVD from YesVideo and here it is

I like how the movie came out and I love the work that YesVideo does. While the service is not cheap, it is done very well. I can’t imagine any other way in which I was to watch these old home movies again. I’m lucky that I have them in the first place and even more lucky that they are now in our family so that I can watch them again and share them with my kids as well as with my parents.

The care that was taken with the movies that we sent is beyond five star. I’ve seen the operation first hand and it is fantastic. I know exactly what was being done to my movies and was very pleased at how they came out. I’d certainly use the service again, soon so that I could get some more recent movies like things from my later childhood that I actually shot, converted to DVD. That will be fun.

Before I got the DVD back I was able to access my movie online through the Memoryshare site. And just launches yesterday there is the YesVideo App that lets you see your movies in Memoryshare right on your iOS device. Not only can you watch the movies that you have but you can share them right from your device. You can share them via email or directly to Facebook. What is nice too, is that you can add these clips as events to your timeline, so for example my Christmas 1974 video can be added to 1974 on my timeline. That is a fun feature.

Disclosure: I am a YesVideo Ambassador. I’ve visited YesVideo and seen what they do. I’ve sent my own personal memories to YesVideo and have been very impressed with what they do. Opinions about YesVideo are 100% my own.

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    1. Emily,

      I like how they did that since we’ll probably not ever use the actual 8mm reels or film again now that everything is on the DVD. And that little by is me, but you already knew that. 🙂 There are more parts later that have my sisters and I celebrating Christmas in 1979.

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