Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Gimbal

Unboxing the Atom – Foldable 3-Axis Gimbal

Snoppa Atom 3-Axis Gimbal
Photo-A-Day 2.0 – #00004

A while back I was interested in finding a decent gimbal for my phone for recording videos. I want to be able to make much smoother videos outside and so I saw an Indegogo campaign for the Atom. This is a foldable 3-Axis Gimbal that connects to my phone via bluetooth. I can also connect an external microphone and a wired lavaliere mic to the unit. I have not had much time yet to play with it but I downloaded the app, upgraded the firmware and took it for a quick spin. This is a Gimbal that folds up rather small so it is easy for transport and it will even charge your cell phone wirelessly or through a wired connection.

I am interested to see how well the app does face tracking for those times where I have the gimbal out and am shooting selfie type videos and I want the better camera which is the rear facing camera. The problem is, I don’t know if I am really in the shot, with this, I will. I hope. I will know more when I get to play around with it. I am excited that it arrived in time for our trip to New York. I’m excited to see what videos we will create while we are there.

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