Unboxing the Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods Weapon X Crate

Marvel Gear and Goods Weapon X Crate

Each month I receive and review the Loot Crate Marvel Gear + Goods Crate to review, use and promote. I am also an affiliate of Loot Crate and you can receive a discount when using my discount code of BENSPARK. Please use my link https://benspark.com/LootCrateDX when ordering.

The Marvel Gear + Goods crate has been an exciting crate to receive each month. The themes are fun and the gear has been great. I like the items that I received in the last crate very much. The plates with Marvel’s top science minds has been a staple in our home since we opened the crate. Now with this new crate I am looking forward to using the canvas water bottle, head lamp and the Wolverine key holder. The go-bag looks like it will be useful to take things with me as well.

You can see an image of everything that is part of the crate below.

Weapon X Marvel Gear and Goods

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