The Rescue Guard Backpack

Unboxing the Rescue Guard Basic Survival Kit

Rescue Guard Survival Backpack

I received a Rescue Guard 2 Person 3 Day Supply in this 95 Piece Survival Pack for free to unbox and talk about. Opinions are my own.

With the world and weather being very uncertain you want to be prepared. Rescue Guard has several different Survival packs that you can purchase to be prepared. While we aren’t at a major risk in New England where I live there are so many other places around the country that are having crazy weather issues. Fires in California, Hurricanes in Florida and there will surely be some major snowfalls, tornadoes and more this coming year. If you are like me then you haven’t given it much thought as to having a family survival plan even though has been telling us to do so for years. You can see the whole kit that I received int he unboxing below and after that full information on all the kits from Rescue Guard.


Order The Emergency Go Bag With Essentials For 72 Hours Before The Next Sandy, Harvey or Florence Visit Your Neighborhood!

Tempe, AZ (October 23, 2018) – What is it about snowstorms that have folks buying milk, bread and toilet paper? Because instinctually they know they need to stock up, just in case. Likewise residents in Florida prep for hurricanes with water, a three-day supply of food and a flashlight. Because of frequent meteorological disruptions, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a power outage suddenly occurs.

Rescue Guard Hurricane or Earthquake Emergency Kits ($49.95, $99.95 and $179.95) offer peace of mind for someday … when the thought of providing food, water, shelter and fire may save a life. Sadly, the severe weather that creates tsunamis, earthquakes, blizzards and hurricanes seems to happen more often of late.
Purchasing an all-in-one kit now is the smartest move any head of the household can make. Find each of the three red zippered backpacks at Amazon.

At websites like* and the Red Cross, the message is clear. Everyone needs to be self-sufficient for 3 days or 72 hours in case of a catastrophe. Help or rescue may not arrive until then. Folks who weathered Hurricane Sandy, Harvey or Florence have tales to tell about washed out roads, loss of electricity and evacuations. Having basic supplies that are packed into Rescue Guard Emergency Kit is key in any disaster.

Anyone who has lost power knows that you can only eat so much ice cream as the freezer melts away everything inside. There are no microwaves, refrigerators or faucets working. Roads may be blocked so you can’t get to a store or the shelves may be bare. Forget the TV or computer. Cell phones are only as good as the charger. That’s why it’s important to store enough food, water, clothing, and supplies to cover you and your loved ones when disaster hits.

It’s not just severe weather but hikers who may need survival gear. An ax, whistle and glow sticks suddenly become as critical as water. A survival sleeping bag for two provides protection from wind, sun and rain. The 72-hour kit includes the highest quality of first aid and tools as well as food and drink.

Inside the bright red zippered backpack discover four key categories — First Aid, Survival Shelter, Food & Water plus Tools. Each kit can
supply a family of four for 72 hours or a single person for 12 days!

First Aid – 61-piece travel first aid kit including burn cream, tweezers, sterile gauze, ibuprofen, scissors, powder-free disposable gloves, antiseptic swabs and more
Survival Shelters – including rain ponchos, thermal blankets, sleeping bag and survival shelter with rope included

Rescue Guard Basic Survival Kit ($49.95)

Food & Water –including a dozen 4.227 oz. packets of water and the highest-quality freeze-dried 2400-calorie food for up to four people Tools – Rope, Light, Survival Compass, Fire Starter, duct tape, work gloves, ax and knife

As Rescue Guard explains on its Amazon page, “Chances are you’ll be dealing with extended power outages, washed out roads, and potentially even lack of running water. Emergency personnel work hard to help those affected, but reaching everyone takes time, and some local aid resources may be inoperable or overwhelmed. Everything you need for survival is tucked away in one convenient backpack.”

Choose from three backpacks, now available on Amazon (affiliate Links):

Basic Rescue Guard Survival Backpack

Rescue Guard Basic Survival Kit • $49.95
Necessary food and water with a 61-piece First Aid kit and shelter items for up to 6 days for a single person or 72 hours for 2 people.

Intermediate Rescue Guard Survival Backpack

Rescue Guard Intermediate Survival Kit • $99.95
Food, water, and all the supplies needed including a 61-piece First Aid kit for up to 12 days for a single person or 6 days for 2 people or 72 hours for 4 people.

Advanced Rescue Guard Survival Backpack

Rescue Guard Advance Survival Kit • $179.95
This kit tucks everything from the Intermediate Survival Kit into one backpack plus a survival knife, ax, another lantern, gloves plus several more survival tools. Whether you camp in the mountains, live along the coast or hunker down in your house, stay fully prepared for storm season and the unforeseen emergencies with the right necessities.

*For more information on preparing for an emergency, go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) informative website,

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