ShutterCal is the only place to truly experience 365

Use ShutterCal for Your 365 Project!

ShutterCal is the only place to truly experience 365

For the past year I have been sponsored by ShutterCal. In return for me using their service to host my Photo-A-Day Photos and post them to this blog they have gave me a ShutterCal Shoebox and 12 print packages. I now have one complete year of my Photo-A-Day photos that I can pick up, hold and share with friends when they come to visit. Many people do a 365 project. They may take photos of themselves, their kids, their pets, anything really. Many people take the photos and post them online but never ever print them out and have them to keep and share. There is something really nice about having a printed photo.

For me I love the Shoebox and the print packs because I am able to flip through my photos and they take me right back to the moments upon which I shot the photos. Also on the back there is the caption or write up that I made for that particular day. The ShutterCal Shoebox is a fantastic way to make a truly unique keepsake.

I was so pleased with this service that I signed up for ShutterCa’ls Premium Membership service called Print + 365. With this I pay $12.50 a month to get my print packs plus all the other membership bonuses like stats and I also am one of the first people to beta test out new features like the Postcard feature. This is a great feature because you can make and print postcards from your photos and have them mailed directly from ShutterCal to friend and family. They can be sent worldwide for $2.90. That is a steal for making your own postcards. There is one other product that ShutterCal has but I can’t use it because I don’t have an iPhone. An iPhone App that connects directly to your ShutterCal account so if you are an iPhone shooter you can post directly to your ShutterCal from your iPhone. Pretty Sweet Deal for only $1.99.

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5 thoughts on “Use ShutterCal for Your 365 Project!”

    1. Trisha,

      Ah, but are the Kodak photos printed on both sides, special sized and on thick cardstock with specific 365 info on them? You could print them all anywhere but it wouldn’t be the same. I thought I’d be able to print on my own but that doesn’t happen. With Shuttercal I’m going to make sure to do it, every month.

        1. Trisha,

          Sure, if you are printing bulk photos and way more than 365 then sure go for Kodak or Shutterfly or others because that is what those services are for. Shuttercal is a very specialized service and also included int he $12.50 are more features beyond the printing as well. Stats is a big one. And as more features come on board members get them first as well. I think of it as much more of a whole product than just the printed images.

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