Use Your Talents

Photo-A-Day #1697

Allison blocks a scarf that she has made for the annual Yarn It All Christmas Party. The ladies each make a handmade item to bring for the event and they do a Yankee Swap with those items. Allison is very talented. She paints and she knits. Allison has been knitting for two years now and she is quite good. For Christmas she’s making me a sweater based on the sweater that Wash wore in Firefly. I’m looking forward to that present.

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7 thoughts on “Use Your Talents”

    1. Allison,

      Thank you. I know that Allison works so hard on her knitting, she’s ripped whole projects apart to make sure that they are done well.

      Thanks for checking out the new blog and I really like the look of yours. Great to see you blogging as well. I didn’t know that you did that until today. Very cool.

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