Vacation and Postcards

While on vacation we have seen many postcards. But they don’t truly capture what we want to say about our vacation. Sure, we could send people postcards of locations and places that we are visiting however we are on a nice family vacation. We have a beautiful little girl who is having fun with her grandparents and parents. I think a postcard of Eva in the pool or at a theme park would be a much better option than a generic postcard of Disney or other theme park.

I’ve used VistaPrint before to make business cards for my blog. And now I have a coupon code to use for 100 free postcards on check out. The coupon code is BlogPostcards100. With this being the case we could create a custom postcard of Eva having fun and then upload that design, have it printed in full color and get 100 free cards as well. Creating some print postcards is very, very easy as well. And if you are so inclined you can also have VistaPrint mail them out for you.

Vistaprint has so many other options for you as well. For one thing you can upload a custom image and use it not only for your postcards but for magnets, checks and stamps. If you don’t have a custom image you can use one of the pre-designed ones that VistaPrint has on file.

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