Venomized Marvel Hot Wheels – Maximum Venom

Venomized hot Wheels
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00687

This pandemic certainly has put a damper on my toy collecting. Sure I still collect some toys but I am not in the stores nearly enough to catch things when they come out. I was lucky enough to be in Walmart the other day and I caught these awesome new Marvel Themed Hot Wheels. These are not character cars but rather cars with a MArvel theme and the theme is Maximum Venom. This theme takes Marvel super heroes and “venomizes” them. So we have Spider-Man, Iron Man, Groot, Captain America and Doctor Strange. I love it when I am there and all of the series is available. It drives me nuts when I miss out on one from a set. So, while I was able to get each of these I am having a hard time completing the Disney character cars that came out recently.

Hot Wheels Disney Character Cars

There are actually two sets in this photo, There are two cars from Series 6 and four from Series 7. So I figure that series 6 got released early on in the pandemic and series 7 was released recently. I’m missing 4 cars from Series six and I think they are going to be hard to find. One is a black and White Steamboat Willie inspired Mickey Mouse car and I am sure that is going to be hard to find. I always look when I am out and about, which is less and less.

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