Vinyl Meet Digital

USBTurntableAt my house Christmas isn’t Christmas until we hear the album by Walter Brennan with the song “Snow” on it. That is our favorite Christmas Album. Around Christmas is when we take the albums out and play them non stop. That is great but they won’t last forever so I’d like to preserve them and I think I’ve found the device that will do the trick. The FirstStreet USB Turntable allows you to connect the turntable to your computer, play your albums and record them to digital formats like MP3. A while back my sister recorded everything to CD which was great but I think that with the technology available today we can do one better. Sure, an iPod by the fire isn’t as rustic as an old turntable but setting a Christmas playlist up and hitting shuffle will sound awesome.

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4 thoughts on “Vinyl Meet Digital”

  1. Now that looks cool. I always thought that hooking up a turntable to a computer was more complicated than it was worth, but this one looks wicked easy.

    We’ve seen all-in-one, no computer necessary vinyl-to-CD recorders, but they still cost around $400. This is much more affordable.

    We have tons of LPs that we can’t listen to now, because we don’t even have a working turntable anymore. It would be nice to burn them to CDs and/or put them on the iPod so we can enjoy them again. I may just consider buying this thing!

  2. This is the neatest product for LPs I have seen in a long time. My father has over 200 LPs that are basically useless (minus the personal attachment and some monetary value) because we don’t have a turntable anymore and they are extremely old and fragile. I have been looking for something like this for years and have found nothing that I could afford or that looked like it would actually be worth the money. I am going to buy this usb turntable and I will let everyone know how it is…


  3. Christine,
    The product is a very cool one, I’d love it more if there was a place for Tapes and 8 tracks so all old media could be converted.

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