Visiting an Icon and an Iconic Visit

Photo-A-Day #2658

Today started with a trip to Providence for National Hot Dog Month. We stopped at Olneyville N.Y. System for some hot do… whooops, hot wieners. Olneyville is famous for their hot wieners and hot wiener sauce. The most popular wiener is what you call an “All The Way”. When you order an All The Way wiener you can expect, mustard, hot wiener sauce, onions and celery salt. It was a great stop on the tour.

When I got back from the tour we had a nice lunch and visit with our good friend Mo and her sister Peggy. It was a HOT and muggy afternoon but we were treated to a lightning show and some heavy rain that broke a little bit of the muggies. Auntie Mo and Peggy came down from Maine for a visit with us. We had a nice time catching up and Eva even taught Peggy how to play Skylanders.

Speaking of Skylanders I found the very last figure that I was trying to find and thus our collection is complete. I popped into Kmart on the way home from Olneyville and low and behold they had a couple Wham Shell’s on the shelf! Soon, I can complete the game and then a moment of respite before Skylanders Giants arrives.

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