Visiting the Animals with my Little Animal

Photo-A-Day #3084

Tuesdays are tough days around here. We have a lot of running around to do on Tuesday and it can get a bit confusing. First there is drop off for school, I do that and then go to the gym. Allison and Andrew do visiting at Madonna Manor so Andrew and entertain all the residents at Mass and give Allison fits of embarrassment. Then Allison and I regroup at home for lunch and she goes to school to volunteer for the library, or I may do that one of these weeks (we both took the volunteer course and training sessions). Andrew hangs with me and Allison does that then takes Eva to Dance and runs back home for a quick family dinner and off to knitting and I wrangle the munchkins into bed.

While Andrew and I were alone this afternoon I took him to the zoo so he could run around and see the animals. Mostly so he could run around. That kid needs lots of room to move. We visited the animals. He obviously loved the Serval, he stood there looking right at it for a long time. We were lucky that it wasn’t busy because we could just do our thing at our own pace. Andrew also loves the River Otters, and honestly, who wouldn’t? They are so playful and fun to watch. It was a nice outing with Andrew.

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