Visiting the White Alligator at Capron Park

Photo-A-Day #2624

This afternoon Eva and I took a walk over to Capron Park and to the Capron Park Zoo. I love taking Eva on these little excursions because we can talk together as we walk about. We have little moments of teaching and I learn more about my wonderful daughter. The zoo has a new white alligator and we went to see this now exhibit. The zoo did a wonderful job decorating this exhibit and converting it a water exhibit.

A teaching moment came when we went to see the alligator. There was a group of people at the window and Eva blurts out, “Oooooh… There are people blocking up the way.” I told her that it wasn’t polite to say that immediately but after we had our chance to see the alligator we stopped and sat down outside the exhibit and I took the time to calmly explain that sometimes you have to wait to see the exhibits. We come to the zoo all the time so it starts to feel like our place. Everyone pays the same price and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the exhibits and not feel rushed. So when she blurts out that people are there in the way of her seeing the exhibit she needs to wait patiently for her turn and not make people uncomfortable and rushed. She was open to that moment and I think it might have made an impression on her, well see the next time she has to wait in line.

We did many of our usual things like running along the Lemur bridge, jumping like Kangaroos, checking out the Nighttime room and dancing on the bird stage. Today’s music was Starships- Nicki Minaj (Cover) by Lindsey Stirling and Megan Nicole. Here’s the video.

Eva was so cute dancing around that I wish that I could be able to play a YouTube video (for the music) and record Eva dancing to the music. Can’t do it though. It would be cool if I could.

Tonight I went to a lecture that my friend Frank, a friend of mine from college was giving. He’s so knowledgeable about movies and has been teaching a course on film for the past five years. Frank is so passionate about movies and he gave a fantastic talk about the history of cinema starting with the first “moving picture”. His passion for movies came out during the talk and kept the audience enthralled. I know that I was impressed and learned a ton about movies from this talk. I just want to talk with him for hours about the movies.

The coolest thing about the night was that I haven’t seen Frank in nearly fourteen years and seeing him again was awesome. He was one of my closer friends in college and it stinks that we’ve lost touch over time. I’m so happy that we were able to get back in touch and now we are living so close that it would be a crime if we didn’t get together more often.

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