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Photo-A-Day #2476

Today we made a major change at the house. We are going MAC. Yes indeed, we bought an iMac. So I backed up all the stuff on the PC and will be setting up this guy very soon.

We went to lunch at House of Fortune with my sister Tara. Then Tara and I went up to the Apple Store at Legacy place and bought the computer. she is an educator so we got a good discount. I’m very excited to get this all set up and I should have checked in on Foursquare and taken a photo but we were in and out so quickly that I completely forgot to do it. I wanted to mark the occasion online but I didn’t. Oh well.

On the way home I stopped off at Best buy to see if I could find the Hallmark Card Studio for Allison because she uses that all the time on the PC. However, they don’t make it for the MAC but they do make Print Master and so I picked that up for her. I just looked that one up and see that Broderbund still makes Print Shop. That was my favorite program growing up. I made all sorts of things with that program on our first Apple, the Apple IIC. So I might return Print Master and get Print Shop instead. I am trying to figure out which one is better.

Well, just figured out that Print Shop is for PC and Print Master is for MAC, how strange.

While I was at Best Buy I ran into my friend Bruce K. Garber. Bruce is the guy that you need to know if you are interested in Google Plus hangouts. He knows so much about it that he talks to the people from Google about it. Amazing.

After talking to Bruce I decided to see if the Best Buy had some Skylanders. I didn’t think that they would have any but I’d give it a look just in case. They had 5 of them! I picked up Sonic Boom, Prism Break, Voodood, Drobot and Bash. They are pretty much unavailable everywhere. Eva was so excited to play with the new ones.

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3 thoughts on “Watch This Space”

  1. I don’t know if I could give up my PC but would enjoy having a Mac. Congrats on the Skylanders find! Tomorrow our Target is supposed to be getting some in including the very hard to find Whirlwind – which will make my daughter very happy if we can get her.

  2. I have often times wondered how Mac computers are because I have always used Windows my whole life starting in high school. I am assuming that Skylanders is a video game?

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