Watching the Waves

Watching the Waves
Photo-A-Day #1611

Today we spent the day at the beach on the Cape. Eva enjoyed the heck out of the sand, the water and playing with Memere and Grandfather. She got to play with her friend (pictured above) as well. The day was filled with so much fun, but then also some daddy mistakes.

Daddy mistake – After the beach and shower I read Eva a story on the Goldilocks Bed. She fell asleep. Instead of putting her into the pack and play I left her on the bed. She knows how to get on and off a bed much higher off the ground so no big deal right? Um, No I was talking with our friend Michael when we heard a loud thump. Apparently our little violent sleeper fell off the bed (which is no more than 6 inches off the ground). She was pretty much inconsolable for the next 20 minutes. only wanted Momma, Daddy was the devil at that point. To make matters worse she is now afraid of barking dogs and my parents are dogsitting my sister Tara’s dog Taylor. Taylor is a pretty laid back pup except when certain dogs walk by. Then she starts barking and Eva starts bawling. It’s fun you should try it sometime.

I’ll tell today’s story in photos from the day.

Looking Back

We started the morning watching a beautiful red tailed hawk in the tree across the street. A murder of crows* (wiki def of bird groups) was all upset with this hawk and continued to chase and dive bomb it throughout the day.

Reading @chrisbrogan & @jul...

I read some more of Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. I got to the part on page 202 (I think) where Chris talks about Mixing Up the Transmission Methods. If I could put things as well as Chris does then that sentiment is what I was trying to get across with my use every crayon in your box post.


We took Eva in swimming a few times. She loves the water. She also loves it when I throw her in the air. She laughs and says to do it again Dadda. I love that. She also loves to swim with her float and since there are no longer any lifeguards around we can do that.

Family Portrait

Some friends of ours Allie and Michael were interested in getting a family portrait taken. I went back to the house to grab the “Good” camera. I took a bunch of photos for them and later Michael came over to get them on his flash drive. That was when Eva fell out of bed. So it was a bit chaotic.

Family Portrait

Our friend Paul O’Donnell took this portrait for us. He saw me taking pictures of Michael and Allie and asked if we wanted him to take one of us. Eva was all set with sitting still and this is the only one where she looked at the camera.


Tonight we took a walk and I took my camera and tripod. I tried a bunch of photos where I would set a long exposure for the moon and the moon’s reflection on the water then I would poop the flash at the end of the exposure to expose the foreground. IT worked pretty well and I can fire lasers with my teeth, apparently.

By The Water

I took another one with Allison. Actually Dad fired it for me because I couldn’t get the remote to fire from the position where we stood.

Finish Line Garden

This one would have been really cool if I had some runners from the road race standing behind the rock and in that general part of the photo but not covering the moonlight on the water. I’ll have to try that with a group sometime. Finding the right camera position was not fun though. Well, it was a long and eventful day here on the Cape. Tomorrow we are in for another fun day. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us.

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18 thoughts on “Watching the Waves”

  1. Looks like a great day. I have tried the long exposure thing with my camera, and light painting, but it never occurred to me to take a flash at the end and light up the foreground. I’ve got to try that. I loved your moonlight on the water shots.

  2. I have to say that I am less impressed with your shooting lazers from your teeth than I am with you pooping the flash. 1) That must be incredibly painful & 2) this will not improve the health plan at Lambert Insurance.

  3. I am going to help your sunlight photography improve with just two word, Diffusion Panel. You don’t have to spend a lot of money because you can make them instead of buying them. Pvc with bungie cords for the frame and any silky white material that will cut the direct sunlight by about half a stop. Put it between the sun and the people and now you are Benspark,I am not a famous professional portrait photographer, yet.
    .-= Look at what lenny wrote blog ..I need a real job =-.

  4. Quilly,
    It was a beautiful day. Today it is rather cold and windy but we may still get a little beach time. The flash at the end was a trick I learned from Digital Days. That was a great 2 day workshop I did back in April.

  5. Neil,

    1. Not as painful as you’d think.
    2. Health Plan, Since when are we on a health plan?

    Like I told your wife I say the word “poop” way too much these days.

  6. Lenny,
    When are we going to go out some day and take photos. You have tons of knowledge and I would like to learn.

    And how about BenSparkToberFest, and word on Southboro Pizza?

  7. Baba,
    Today was another great day at the beach, a little cooler but lots of fun. Just about ready to start blogging a bit about it.

  8. I like the photo of your wife and yourself at night. Very romantic. Too bad Eva fell out of bed. When I had a little one I used to wonder why we don’t just make them wear hockey helmets all the time. lol

  9. Laura,
    Thank you.

    Eva bounced back she’s doing pretty well right at the moment. We’ll have to put up some rails or something.

  10. It’s seems that you have a great day with the family spending all day long in the beach. it was pretty nice photo that you’ve been post.

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