We Are in. Almost Completely…

Photo-A-Day #2309

Today was the major move in day. We made a run over in Allison’s car this morning and we were off after that. Running all day long moving things out of the old Condo and into the New House. We used Mucker’s Delivery Service to move all the big stuff. They were awesome. They had everything moved in nearly 3 hours, that was pretty short for all that stuff they moved. So, most of the house looks like the dining room, filled with boxes that need to be opened and emptied. This is going to be a project in itself.

While we loved living in our Condo above my parents for the past 9 years we were ready to start our own chapter in our own home. The leaving of course is bittersweet in that we will miss having family so close by. I know that my mom loved hearing Eva running around above her head and Eva loved spending time at Mem and Grandfather’s place. I know that we’ll be back every Sunday for weekly mass and since that is across the street we’ll be around to visit.

The Almost part. Despite taking trips all day in cars, and trucks and more cars we just ran out of steam and time and have at least one car and truck load to bring to the house. But we are in and tonight is our first night sleeping here. Good Night.

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