We are living in the Media Age

We are living in an age of advanced technology and Media is available to us on everything from coffeemakers to wrist watches. Navigating through this The Media Age can be difficult and overwhelming. However there are many blogs that help users with these issues. Enter The Media Age. This blog has a finger to the pulse of Media everywhere. And I mean all media, when we get online we tend to focus solely on the internet as a media outlet and claim that newspapers will die out. I don’t think that this is true. And at Media Age there is evidence in the form of great content that shows that the Internet is merely another media outlet. The internet can enhance a newspaper with additional content but the media in print will continue to stay strong.

There are many very interesting articles in The Media Age that are written by Kyle Redinger who founded TheMediaAge.com as a way to fill a gap in what he saw about Business focused blogging. The blog is fairly new but already it contains some tremendously informative content and the blog also welcomes content from Guest Editors, Industry Leaders, Investors, Entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to make informed posts about the business of New Media. Keep an eye on this blog.

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