We Bought Us a House

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After months of paperwork and planning and prodding, poking and prying we passed papers and are now proud owners of a new home. Today at 2:30pm we started signing our life away on very large stack of papers. The size of the signed vs unsigned pages started growing and we got there by 3:00pm. Our new keys were handed over and Allison, Dad and I went over to the house to look around. The house was completely cleaned out and ready for us to clean and paint. So tomorrow we will get to work cleaning up. I’ll take more photos then.

We’ve got a ton of cleaning to do but I did want to move one thing in first. This crock that we got from Allison’s parents. This will live in our kitchen which will most likely be one of the biggest gathering places in our new home. I look forward to spending many hours in this kitchen.

This place needs a Grill

Tonight we took Mom and Dad to House of Fortune for an Anniversary meal. Eva had a great time using the chopsticks and eating with Mem and Grandfather. We had a delicious meal, as always.

After dinner, Dad and I went and looked at grills at Sears. There are so many options now, Stainless Steel Grates, Cast Iron Grates or Cast Iron Grates with Porcelain. Which ones are the best? I have more research to do.

We also gave Dad his Father’s Day gift which was a set of Craftsman grilling utensils.

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32 thoughts on “We Bought Us a House”

  1. Congratulations, Bennett Family!!! This is such an amazing milestone and I wish you all a lifetime of joy, love, and happiness in your new HOME!!!

    1. Thanks Mo,
      We can’t wait for a visit from Auntie Mo. We’re excited about the new house and entertaining friends.

  2. Congrats Drew, Allison and Eva! Love your new house 🙂

    As my husband would say, there is only one kind of grill to get and that is a Weber charcoal grill 😉

    1. Shannon,
      Thanks for the advice on the grill. For now we’re going use an old weber gas one till end of the season. Then we’ll look for a deal.

  3. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a grill that didn’t have porcelain enameled cast iron grill plates. Cared for properly they will last you forever. Congratulations on the home purchase. I wish you and your family many happy years together in your new abode.

    1. PJ,

      Thank you for the grill advice. How do you care for them properly? There are so many options out there for gas and charcoal grills. It is very mind boggling

        1. Shelby,

          We’re thinking about doing a work night with friends next Wednesday and a cook out as payment for everyone’s help. We’ll let you know.

  4. Congrats to all of you! I wish you and your growing family many happy memories in your new home!

  5. Drew,

    Congrats on the house. As far as grills go I have had good luck with my Weber. I would recommend the stainless steel grates. I currently have the Cast Iron with Porcelin. They tend to stick and are hard to clean. I think the stainless would be easier to care for.

    The other thing to remember is there are two types of grills cheap and not cheap. The cheap ones will last a year or two the not cheap will last a lot longer. I think I am on year 8 with my grill and it sits outside all year. It is showing some age but can still rock a steak

    1. Andy,

      I think we’ll save up for a Not Cheap one and buy at the end of the season. You might ask PJ how he keeps his porcelain cast iron ones working well.

  6. I think you got a nice house. I’m looking forward to helping you get some of the things done that you want to do. Thanks for dinner and I love the grille set.

    1. Dad,

      Thanks for helping me get started yesterday. I appreciate all the help you gave me and will be giving us as we move ahead. Glad you like the Grill set, too.

    1. Rob,

      Thanks and if I get tired and hungry I have but to walk down to Tex Barry’s for a hot dog. Might even be a long enough walk to walk it off too (not quite but I’ll say it is).

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