We Love A Party

We Love a Party
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Tonight my cousin Josh married his love Megan. They threw a great party filled with moments of touching sentiment as well as pure excitement and fun. You could see in the eyes of Josh and Megan that they are so in love.

It was great and almost everyone from the family was there too. Because each of my Dad’s seven sisters were there we got a family photo with Dad, his sisters and my grandparents.

Dad's Family

And I realized that we didn’t have a photo of all three Andrew Bennetts and their wives so we got a photo of the three “Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Bennett(s)”

The 3 Mr. & Mrs Andrew Bennetts

And also I like to make sure that we get a photo of the three Andrews together as well.

3 Generations

The ceremony was a very nice one. You could tell that Josh and Megan were having a good time all night long. They both had wonderful genuine smiles all evening. they were having fun and enjoying their night.

My cousin Matt, Josh’s oldest brother was the best man and he gave a fitting and moving Best Man speech that put tears in many eyes. There was a heavy cowboy theme going on during the night as well, with the cowboy hats for the groomsmen and the references to Johnny Cash, we were ready to kick up the night. And knowing this family, well the title of this post says it all, “We Love A Party.

I posted my photos from the other night. I don’t have captions or descriptions yet but feel free to visit and comment. Josh and Megan’s Wedding Gallery.

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10 thoughts on “We Love A Party”

  1. Drew, you always take the best pictures and sum up what happened in such a great way. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Aunt Cathy,
    We all had a great time. Josh and Megan were fantastic. They were so gracious and so stunning. I enjoyed the evening very much and I have many more photos to process and post soon.

  3. Thanks Dad, Good catch. I don’t know how I did that, and in multiple places too. I’m uploading more pictures form the night right at this moment. They should be up on Flickr soon and I’ll add a link on this post.

  4. Great job Drew!

    The pictures are the best. This is the third time I have looked at them.
    I loved the one with my charm bracelet.

    The picture of Megan and Josh (first one) shows them as sooo happy!! Love it.

    Love, Grandma

    1. Thank you Grandma,
      I hope that you are enjoying the all new layout of the blog. Should make for better reading overall. Glad you liked the Charm bracelet photo even if I didn’t have the proper lighting for it (as the photographer told me). Glad that I could take so many nice shots for Josh and Megan

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