We need more walls….

With all the fantastic Framed Molebashes that we have, we are gonna need more walls. What am I talking about? Well, you see, tomorrow is our wedding. Allison and I are getting married in about 27 1/2 hours. Today is the day that we told ourselves that we would exchange our wedding gifts to each other. Allison has been practically buzzing out of her skin lately because she has wanted to give me my gift. So, this morning we woke up at 5:30 (dang internal alarm and body conditioning) and lay there for a little bit talking and deciding whether we wanted to go back to sleep or not. Because, you know that when you have nothing to do you can never get back to sleep, but when you have something to do you oversleep. (Yeah Andy my overproductive self is a curse of the early morning wake up. Nice comment you left the other day, very funny.)

Anyway, on to the reason we need more walls, or rather, wallspace is that Allison got me the most perfect wedding present ever. Something that she knew I would love. She got me an original piece of framed art by web comic writer and artist Wes Molebash. If you don’t know who Wes Molebash is then you haven’t been reading my posts. And if you have been reading my posts, but haven’t gone to the You’ll Have That webcomic, Why Not? Wes Molebash is a genuine talent, and an all around nice guy. He’s even going to be a Guest Photo-a-Day participant. Allison and I have been fans of Wes’ for some time now and we actively participate in the You’ll Have That Forums. I would say that they are the best Forums on the internet because everyone is so nice and Wes is so welcoming. Wes, thank you for going above and beyond with this gift, it means so much to me and even made me tear up a little when Allison presented it to me. You captured us so well and the whole strip is exactly something that I secretly wished would happen someday. I really wanted someday to be captured as a character in your artwork. I unfortunately didn’t get off my butt when you had your guest in You’ll Have That contest and send in an entry. Wes you and You’ll Have That are now taking the top spot over Scott Kurtz and PVP on my list of Webtainment sites.

I am not posting the strip here in case Wes puts it up as a bonus strip this weekend, (Saturday, maybe) which would totally blow my mind, but I am putting up a teaser panel. That is Andy and Katie (the main characters of You’ll Have That) attending our wedding. And that is exactly how I would picture them at the wedding. The gift is so wonderful. Allison framed both the original art and the art that was scanned and colored. So now we have three Framed Molebashes. These new ones are displacing my favorite Jim Brandenburg “Peace in the Forest” framed wolf print from the coveted above the mantelpiece spot. And once that is done I will post a picture of it. But before they are displayed for our houseguests to see. The color one will be displayed at our Rehearsal dinner and at our Wedding Reception.

I would also like to mention that I gave Allison a gold necklace with a Sapphire and Diamond pendant. She really likes it. Thanks Uncle Rich for helping me pick that out. My Uncle Rich is a jeweler and you should check out his stuff on IslandJewelers.com. I designed the title image back a few years ago.

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