What Do You Want?

What Do You Want?
Photo-A-Day #1628

This morning my Mom called and told me that a giant praying mantis was down on one of her wicker chairs and I should bring my camera. Well, I am always up for a praying mantis photos so I came right down. I like how this guy is just looking at me like “What Do You Want!”

It got me thinking about the trend I am seeing lately where bloggers are shouting from the rafters that they want sponsors so that they can go to events. I see it constantly every day from people who want sponsors to do this for them or that for them. I had a large contest with many prizes and I had many great sponsors. I don’t believe that I got sponsorship because my blog is anything special. I’m a guy who likes to take photos every day and post them. A large percentage of them are of my beautiful daughter Eva. So really my blog is not great standout.

So How Did I get So Many Great Sponsors?

I built relationships with people. It is that simple. I found the right people to talk to by doing a little research and then I pitched them my idea. Some were on board right away like Michael from Xshot (can’t wait to actually meet him as we’ve known each other for two years now). Michael and I talked about my Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack Contest months and months before I actually started asking for sponsorships. The way I went about it was this. I stated my case as well as what I could do for each and every sponsor and I asked for something specific. To this end I was pretty successful and happy with the outcomes. There were one or two people who I approached who felt that I didn’t provide enough value for what I was asking. That is okay I continued to ask other sponsors or I would find ways in which each sponsor that said no might want to do something differently.

What I didn’t do

I didn’t shout out on twitter multiple times a day “sponsor me”. That is tacky and I would think that a sponsor would certainly be turned off on that. If you want to work with someone you need to start that relationship. Introduce yourself and clearly define what you want, why you want it, why it is in the benefit of the sponsor to provide you with what you want and how a relationship with you would be beneficial.

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8 thoughts on “What Do You Want?”

  1. I read the first line too quick and thought you were saying “what do you want” to your mom. I was just about to declare a fight, but I counted to 10 and re-read. You’re safe now:)

    I’m not quite sure of the time right now…I have a little insomnia…but I think I see you guys in something like 8 days:) Woot Woot!!

  2. Buck,
    It is a trend I am seeing so much now, you are not the only one guilty of it. I think a well crafted post that explains what you as a blogger have to offer an advertiser or sponsor will do the trick. Maybe even a separate page titled why you should work with me or something like that. Detail what someone would get in return for what you provide. I’ve been guilty of the whole sponsor me thing too in the past. But as we grow we learn and we need to step above the fray. I certainly think you and I will get there. Gonna see you soon. Looking forward to it.

  3. That would have been funny. Mo. No fights needed. We can’t wait to see you. I have all the things that we’ve had with us to give you in the past plus your special DVD and this time even if we have to staple it to you the stuff is going home with you. Seriously we’re gonna need a separate suitcase for this stuff eventually.

  4. We will be changing your moniker from Benspark to Benshmoozer.
    It is not a sponsor BUT, because of my good relationship with my employer of the past year I now have an unbroken laptop(WOOHOO !!). He gave me his old IBM T60 which isn’t really old and a beat up A16(needs some cosmetic work) which I will give to my nephew.
    It really is all about shmoozing but being sincere about it.

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