What would YOU ask Spike Lee?

That is a question I need to ask myself because I am going to have a chance to interview Spike Lee in October when I go back out to L.A. for the Nokia Productions Movie. I just received word from WOM World / Nokia that I will be able to Meet Spike Lee and interview him after the premiere of the Nokia Productions Movie. I won another trip out to LA in October to go to the movie and see an Avril Lavigne concert. This was because I went to LA to shoot scenes for the Nokia Productions Movie. I certainly didn’t think I would win but apparently this video was the one that made a difference in my favor.

We used the Nokia 5310 to make our movies. I had a great time with everyone and hope we can do another Photowalk on this trip.

So, help me out, what would you ask Spike Lee? LEave me a comment and let me know.

Stephen I’ll asked for an autographed picture if I remember.

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13 thoughts on “What would YOU ask Spike Lee?”

  1. Congrats on winning the trip and the opportunity to interview Spike Lee! The video is what did it I’m sure. As to what to ask Mr. Lee, I’d ask him if he specifically looks to produce/direct controversial movies?

  2. I would ask him about Clint Eastwood and his motivation for his latest movie. I would also ask him why he thinks 90% of African Americans support Barack Obama, while less than 45% know anything about him. Although the answer might be obvious, an answer coming from Spike Lee would be interesting.

  3. Spartan,
    While that might be interesting to ask I myself know very little about politics and care even less for them. Pretty sure I don’t want to piss him off either. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  4. How about what’s his favorite cocktail? or how does a die hard Knick’s fan get by the last few years…coming from a Lion’s fan.

  5. Spartan,
    Those questions are more along the lines of something I would probably ask. Although I’m not a sports guy so I think I’ll stick to the cocktail. I probably will also ask him what his first on the iPod is. I will probably also ask him where he gets his inspiration.

  6. but dont you think he has been asked about inspiration before. you should try to make him laugh, iPod is a start, how about whats on his TIVO as well

  7. Spartan,
    I agree he probably has heard that many many times. I do like your idea of the TiVo. I myself just got a DVR. It’s always interesting to know what other people are watching or listening to.

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