Where is That Blasted Samophlange!

Photo-A-Day #2373

I’m really enjoying the new Thundercats TV show. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a new episode in a while. Luckily though I did find Panthro and Cheetara at Walmart the other day. So I picked them up and I brought them to work to put on my desk. I found a desk where someone had a plant. The title of the post comes from an outtake from the show. Outtakes from the show came out on the Internet some time in the mid 90’s. Well the character of Panthro had this line about a Samophlange. It then came to mean something that was technical but doesn’t exist. And I love that they threw a line about the Samophlange in the new series.

Today I was able to pre-order the iPhone 4S. I’ve been promising Allison an iPhone for a while now. I got a Smartphone a few years ago and got Allison another LG Env. She can do text messages, videos and photos on it but that is about it. I probably should have bought her a smartphone because the $29.99 unlimited data plan no longer exists. I was grandfathered into that program but I had to buy a data plan for Allison and the cheapest was the $30 3GB one. I doubt that she’ll use more than that each month but not being able to do unlimited for one penny less is a kick in the teeth.

People are on both sides of the issue about iPhones. They either love them or hate them. I’ve had a DROID for a few years and I got very frustrated with it in that time. At the same time I’ve had an iPod Touch and an iPad and I LOVE them and what they can do and how easy they are to use. Apps work. They just work. Droid Apps crash often and developers go iPhone first and the apps work great. Now I have a Windows phone and I enjoy it but it is not as good as the iPhone. It isn’t as user friendly. The software for syncing stuff is the Zune software and it is awful. I’ve had it crash over and over and over again when syncing. iTunes however has synced with every Apple Product I have owned.

Also with both Allison and I having iPhones we can continue to share important things like our calendar. It has been good on the iPad because we’ve synchronized through the Google Calendar We’ve had no problem doing that. We also share the Kindle as well. So being able to share so much is great. Why we can’t share a data plan annoys me though. I’d certainly pay to share 5GB of data across our two phones. But if the phone company can squeeze out more month from us then they will.

So the wait begins for the phones to arrive. They should arrive by Friday the 14th, I certainly hope so.

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