Who is Jeremy Bentham?

Spoilers if you didn’t see the show, stop reading NOW!

Lost last night blew me away and that was before the freighter Blew up.

The show started right where Season 3 ended with Jack shouting at a leaving Kate “We have to go back” suddenly we see brakelights and Kate whips the car in reverse and tells Jack on no uncertain terms that she is not ever going back to that island and Jack is in the doghouse for taking off on she and Aaron (Whom I just realized is actually his nephew, geeze I totally didn’t connect that last episode).

There was so much that happened in the two hours of awesome last night that I don’t think I can remember it all (Here is the TV Squad Recap)so I will pose a few questions to you.

Do you think Jin is dead? – For my money he is not dead, he was at the back of the freighter and was most likely blown clear of it in the explosion.

Do you think that we will see Michael again? – I think we will because of Christian Shepard appearing to him before he blew up. He’s most certainly dead however I also think Claire is dead and she died in the rocket blast or even earlier in the show and we see her again. I have a feeling that Michael seeing Christian Shepard (Jacob?) means that he will appear again. But then I just read this TV Squad post about Harold Perrineau not happy about his stint on Lost. And that came from a TV Guide interview. I don’t know, I think it is part true but also part red herring because I think Michael may still have a part to play.

So, who has to go back to the island. Ben says all of us. Well the people who are off island are Ben, Desmond, Frank, Walt, Locke, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Sun and Hurley. Does Ben mean only the people who crashed have to go back or does he mean everyone who ever left the island has to go back. That is a puzzler. Also I think Ben is using that so he can get back himself because he said that the person who moves the island can never go back, however he may very well know of a loophole or something.

What were the very bad things that happened after the Oceanic 6 left?

Dharma Rum? Where was that hiding?

Anybody notice this commercial…

That just happens to be the dates of the San Diego Comicon. You can find out more at the website for Octagon Global Recruiting.

Claire is most certainly dead. She appears to Hate and tells her not to bring Aaron back to the island. However she receives a phone call telling her that the island needs her and she must go back. Kate’s Phone call was reversed, you can hear the message as it was supposed to be heard.

Just so many cool things happened in the finale. Sun conspiring with Charles Widemore, Desmond being reunited with Penny, Miles’ revelation that Charlotte had been on the island before and Charlotte looking for where she was born. Great stuff, and Rose getting two seconds of air time to tell Miles that she is watching him.

I was talking with a guy from work about some of the strange things on the island such as the women and babies dying in childbirth. He suspects that that was a manifestation of the thing that tortures Benjamin Linus because his mother Emily died when he was born. And then the smoke monster appearing and Jock Locke drawing that smoke monster way back when he was a boy. Are the worst fears of the Losties what are manifested on the island?

And then we get to the coffin and it is revealed that Locke is in the coffin, using the name Jeremy Bentham. There were two other endings filmed with Desmond or Sawyer in the coffin. I think it makes more sense that it was Locke and I think the other two were again red herrings. But to tell Jack, who already has a God complex, that it was his fault that “very bad things happened” on the island after he left is just wrong. Now Jack will be even more driven to get back to the island.

I’ll be going back and waiting every minute for the return of Lost next season.

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