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Photo-A-Day #1837

Today I arrived back to my desk to find that someone played with my Optimus Prime. I took a photo of it and made a little quip that I put up on Facebook. It basically said that I hate it when people touch my stuff and at the same time I found this funny. The guy who did it is a friend of mine and a really funny guy. I probably should have stated just that I found it funny because honestly I did. I then stated to think of “Why Me” Was it a statement or a question, was it a lament or honest curiosity.

What I mean by this is that for most people they look at the words Why Me and figure it is a lament. Oh my life is so terrible and difficult, Why Me, poor me. We have all had those days. Another way to think of it is sheer humility as in Why Me, why do they like me, why do they listen to what I have to say. What is so special about my message?

Photo Information

Date Taken: Apr 19, 2010
Camera: Canon Point and Shoot (Aff Link)
Model: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS (My Flickr)
ISO: n/a
Exposure: 1/20sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 4.6mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Manual
Lens: Digital Macro

I think that we should ask more often than not, Why ‘Not’ Me? Look at our strengths and talents and say, Why not me! There is someone who is working with a high end camera company that I would like to work with and I have said the name a few times (psst, it is Nikon). I have to stop thinking Why Me, poor me and start stating Why Not Me. I have a pretty decent eye, I take photos daily and people ask my opinion on what to purchase, so Why Not Me? And soon I will get an answer to that question.

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8 thoughts on “Why Me”

    1. James,
      Thank you, sort of one that came to me off the top of my head. Sometimes those are the best. I appreciate you stopping over and taking the time to leave a comment too.

    1. Irene,
      This was a funny pose for sure. I’m not even sure I captured the best angle either. Imagine coming to your desk full of toys and seeing Optimus defeated with arms raised a la Lloyd Dobbler form Say Anything. Too funny.

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