Wireless Backup Storage, Oh Yeah!

Photo-A-Day #1988

Now that my sister got us a new router for the network I decided to take the new Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home out of the package and attach it to the router so I can do some wireless backup of the system here in our home. With this device I can automatically have continuous happening for three computers simultaneously. They can be PC or MAC because this device supports Time Machine. I’m so impressed already with a few of the features of the GoFlex Home. It was incredibly easy to set up. I plugged it into the router, ran the software on my desktop and bang, there it was ready to rock. I set up custom backup options for the device and let it do it’s thing.

The next thing to do is decide which will be the other two computers to have automatically backed up. Most likely we will use my laptop and maybe see if my sister will like to back up her Mac. I’ll be making a few videos about all of the Seagate products that are now part of our digital family. They couldn’t be more welcome, really. Next up I think I’ll set up the GoFlex TV and see what we can do with that.

As far as disclosure, I wanted to work with Seagate and so I asked, I offered a unique opportunity to test the drives in a real life situation in return for the drives. I’m a fan of the product and really enjoy the brand so I’m excited to be working with a brand that is one that I trust and that fits this blog so well.

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4 thoughts on “Wireless Backup Storage, Oh Yeah!”

  1. I can remember in college working 10 hours straight on a paper with my smith and corona wordprocessor without saving my file. I leaned back to let out a sigh of relief and kicked out the plug. It is amazing how much has changed.

    1. Natalie,

      I have a friend who tripped the switch on every computer in the computer lab. We were using the Macs that were out before iMacs, or even before that, they were old.

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