WordCamp Boston 2010

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Today I was part of something historic. Today was the first ever WordCamp Boston. There were over 400 people who descended upon the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center (MicroSoft N.E.R.D for short) for WordCampBoston.

WordCampBoston 2010

There were so many cool things happening during the event. I am sure I won’t get to all of them but I will try. I arrived this morning early before things got going and I met Jeff Glasson from Attleboro. He runs a blog and a podcast called diecastAUDIO. What a fantastic niche that is doing some interesting things. I was glad to catch up and finally meet Jeff. We’ve had many near misses in the past year or so so it was great to connect.

WordCampBoston 2010

We got our swag bags and headed to the 1st floor for the opening remarks. The swag for the event was great, a long sleeve t-shirt, a messenger bag that fit my 13 inch laptop and some cool stuff inside. Also prior to the event I saw that I could get some free Moo cards and later I even won a Mimobot, it was a Hello Kitty one for Eva, because every 2 year old needs a cute 2GB flash drive.

It wasn’t all about fun and games we also did some things with purpose like we raised money for Haiti through WPCares.org a site created by Brian Gardner. You can donate at any time and also they had a guy named Harlon there from Red Cross to talk with people about what they can do to help, I sat down with him right after the opening remarks, here is that video.

I went next to the Monetization in a Free World session and it was not for me. The people talking were not really giving good information that people could use, rather they were talking about how they made money with wordpress. They created either themes, plug-ins or mash up type programs that worked with wordpress. I thought it would be more about the average person making money. I should have attended the Rock My Blog session because according to Nicki Hicks’ recap it was the session to see. I did meet Joshua Strebel of Pagely after the session and I actually did like what he was talking about and he was pretty nice guy who gave away some T-Shirts, I’m a sucker for T-Shirts.

WordCampBoston 2010

I also got a T-Shirt from Robert Collazo of Rackspace, I learned about that giveaway from my friend Megan of A Girl Must Shop.

I went upstairs and watched the WP &PHP & CSS Oh My! session, I got there too late so I sat way int he back and started uploading my photos from the day. I uploaded all day long to my Flickr Account and a new set called WordCampBoston 2010. I need to go through them and tag them all with the right people. I had tried to use my Eye-Fi card but couldn’t set it up with the network at N.E.R.D. So I uploaded every chance I could get. I was swapping between 3 separate cards, it worked well. What didn’t work well was the big bulky camera bag and the messenger bag together so I streamlined my equipment and put the extra stuff in the car. I did that during lunch. Lunch was great and it was provided by Legal Seafoods and Whole Foods.

WordCampBoston 2010

Later I went to see Themes 101 with Jake Goldman, Jake had some good info and ideas. I also watched Adria Richards talk about useful WordPress Plug-ins abut there was nothing new for me there. I’m beginning to think that I should start submitting my name to more of these things as a speaker. I just need to bolster my confidence because I could certainly teach a beginner track at a WordCamp. I was invited to submit a session for the 1st WordCamp in Miami, FL. I wonder if a company would like to sponsor my travel to Miami to participate.

The last two sessions were ones that were filled with very good info. The first was SEO analysis by Corey Eulas and Get Seen: Web Video by Steve Garfield. Some really good info from these guys.


Then there was the ending keynote which wasn’t really that interesting or rather I couldn’t understand a thing they were saying because the sound was terrible on the 10th floor and I didn’t get to the 1st floor (simulcast). I did make it to the 1st floor for a really great part of the day called Ignite where there were 7 speakers who had 5 minutes and 20 slides. as soon as their time started the slides would automatically progress. No pauses but 3 lame take a breath jokes (okay the 1st one was funny but the other two seemed lame after the 1st one). The concept was fantastic and I should do one of those next time too.

After everything was over I took my friend Brett Bumeter over to The Asgard on Mass Ave. I tried the buffalo wings and left soon afterwards. The place was really crowded and it was hard to talk with people and concentrate.

WordCampBoston 2010

I did have a really good conversation with one of my Virtual Mentors, Joselin Mane. Joselin created MegaTweetUp and he is the man to know when a TweetUp is involved. I pitched him an idea for a TweetUp this summer and he was excited about it. I have to formalize everything and pitch to sponsored but soon I will be able to talk about it.

WordCampBoston 2010

There were many great moments from today and the organizers and volunteers for WordCamp Boston 2010 were fantastic, they should be very proud of such a great success.

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10 thoughts on “WordCamp Boston 2010”

  1. Hey!

    Excellent description if Wordcamp Boston! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the mention regarding my session – I’m pleased to note you found it worthwhile.

    I’m disappointed you didn’t enjoy the monetization session – I definily was looking forward to that on wordpress.tv since I didn’t get a chance to attend.

    Regardless, excellent post.


    1. Hi Corey,
      Thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed my write up of the day and hope that you enjoy the photos. I will be updating the photos with better descriptions of who are in the photos.

      I did find that I knew much of what you were telling the crowd during your session but found it worthwhile and useful so that was a good choice for me. As for the monetization one it didn’t speak to me at all but you be the judge for yourself. You might see it entirely differently than I did.

  2. Drew,

    Excellent recap of the event! It was great to finally connect in person, and I have to say that the Boston organizers really did a stellar job on all levels during the event.

    Next year’s Boston Wordcamp can’t come soon enough! I might have to attend Wordcamp NYC for a double-fix…but shhhhhh… don’t tell anyone! 🙂


    1. Jeff,
      It was great to finally meet you face to face. I think we need to catch up and talk shop some evening. I think we can learn a lot from each other. I’m excited for next year’s WordCamp and would love to speak as well as volunteer. One of these times I have to get on as official photographer or something.

      Either way we need to make some plans for something local.

  3. Drew,

    Thanks for the shout out (and Rock my Blog was definitely one of my favorites of the day)! It was a bummer we were never able to connect during WordCamp, but I look forward to your blogging and tweets!

    All the best,

    1. Nicki,
      We’ll have to catch up at a future TweetUp. I liked your observations and will continue reading your blog and tweets. Thanks for dropping over and commenting.

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