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Photo-A-Day #2634

A shot of some artwork on the wall here at work. On days when I am in bed all day and at work all night I find different things to shoot. I don’t like most of the art around this place but I thought that this was a very cool piece of art to shoot because of the colors.

Speaking of colors I am very excited about a Kickstarter campaign for a pocket sized Lighting Studio for photo & Video called The Kick. Check out the Kickstarter promo. This is also a local company called Rift Labs and they are in Natick, MA. The Kick looks incredible and they even used LEGO bricks and minifigs in their promo video. Such a cool idea. For anyone shooting with an iPhone this is a must have.

After finishing a course that my friend Aimee Giese , of GreebleMonkey.com, did on iPhoneography I have been giving a lot of thought about how I’m taking photos with my iPhone now and the Kick is a fantastic accessory for taking better shots. I can’t wait to play with that device when it comes out in October.

Speaking of Funding Kickstarter events I’m part of an event that is on IndieGogo and that is National Hot Dog Month 2012. I’m so very excited about this. Learn more about what we are doing at our Indiegogo campaign.

This Tuesday Allison, Evaboo, Roobug & I will be going to the Nashua Silver Knights with my buddy The Hot Dog Man, Rob Merlino to film him throwing out the 1st pitch, eating the 1st hot dog for $1000 hot dog night and even filming him Judging a Hot Dog Eating Contest. We’re getting a jump on National Hot Dog Month 2012 So, friends in New Hampshire if you can come to the game please do, I’d love to see people. Looking forward to seeing Ken Belbin and Alicia D Magee. Also please consider helping to fund NHDM12 at http://www.indiegogo.com/project/share/143130

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