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XShotI am so thrilled to be able to tell you that I am now have affiliate links for the XShot 2.0. I am doing this through the awesome site SocialSpark. Back at IZEAFest 2008 I was given 12 XShot 2.0s to hand out to bloggers. I got one in the hands of IZEA CEO, Ted Murphy, and he is hooked on using it. If you got to his blog Ted.me you can see blog posts and videos where Ted uses the XShot 2.0 that I gave to him.

Ted and Me!

Even John Chow received one and he spotlighted it as a gadget of the week once. That was because my friend Heather brought her’s with her to a Dot Com Pho lunch meeting with John.

XShot with John Chow

I’ve had an xshot for a few years now and I’ve taken hundreds of pictures with it. I’ve even used it to film video while walking, rollerblading and also in the pool. I used it to extend my reach above the heads of the crowds at Buckingham Palace to film the changing of the guards. I’ve used it to photograph myself with all my Transformers.

I’ve run multiple contests to give away the XShot or to reward photographers with money and Flickr Pro Accounts for their great pictures while using the XShot. Everywhere that I go I am asked about the XShot. I even connected a group of photographers who are going to South Africa with XShot so that they could use the product on their trip. I also consider the creator of the XShot, Michael, a good friend. He’s done right by me for so long and now I am proud to promote XShot on this blog. You can see the photos I have taken with the XShot and XShot 2.0 on Flickr.

The XShot allows you to extend the reach of your arm up to 37 inches. You can quickly attach your digital camera or digital video camera to the XShot and take photos or video of yourself and others with you. I’ve gotten large groups of people in a single shot just by using the XShot.

The family photo

It is also great for me when I am on the road and want to get a photo of myself in front of something. Or to say, use it to take a photo of myself and a friend from the top of a moving double decker bus.

The Wheels on the Bus

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  1. I can’t go on enough about how much I *big puffy heart* my XShot. I’m still using the original, not the newer 2.0, because I have since bought a smaller, lighter weight camera, so the original works fine. My old camera was bigger and heavier, the 2.0 would have been useful then.

    Very often, when I’m out and about, groups of people ask me to take their pictures for them. I don’t mind doing so, but I always like to whip out my XShot to show them. I’m a nice person who would never run off with someone else’s camera, but the next stranger you ask to take a pic for you might not be so nice.

    Thanks again for being the one who introduced me to this product. Next time anyone asks me, I will send them to your blog and tell them to click your banner so you can get credit if they buy one.

    Christines last blog post..Saturday Stuph

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