ReDo Eye Candy Pop Barking Ducks Skateboard

Eva and the Eye Candy Pop Barking Ducks skateboard

Jakks Pacific sent us a demo unit of their ReDo Skateboardline for free as part of a Twitter Party that I am a co-host for on Thursday. Opinions are my own.

The kids have been very curious about skateboards ever since my sister game them her old board. Andy also has a skateboard that converts to a scooter and back. But they have never seen a skateboard as nice as this one from ReDo. From deck to trucks to wheels this thing is beautiful. I don’t say that lightly either as I am not much of a skateboard fan as I was when I was a kid. My old board is kicking around somewhere on the Cape right now. I am pretty sure it is showing all of its 30 years of wear and tear, too.

Eye Candy Pop Barking Ducks

This ReDo board is really nice, however. It has a great color scheme and great hardware. It is a Popsicle skateboard made from 7ply thin hard NE maple, for beginner or advanced users. This thing has super fast ReDo Abec 5 speed bearings 5” ReDo Geo Lite trucks with hardened steel axle. It is made with a wider shape for increased edge control, smooth wheels and bushings, and a tighter turn radius. The wheels are 52MM 95A soft urethane wheels for a smooth ride. It also has smooth 86A Medium Bushings for easier turning & stability.

Eva holding the Eye Candy Pop Barking Ducks

The Twitter party is on Thursday at 11am. You must RSVP in order to participate and have a chance to win. T RSVP go to

Eva holding the Eye Candy Pop Barking Ducks skateboard

If you’d like to pick up your own Eye Candy Pop Barking Ducks Skateboard you can through our affiliate link.

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