Eva at Adam's Farm

YesVideo Photo-A-Day Challenge – Day 11 – TeddyBear

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Today I was a chaperone for Eva’s class trip to Adam’s Farm. Adam’s Farm is fun place to go in the Fall. There’s tons of pumpkins to choose, a corn & hay maze to walk and a hayride to go on plus some animals to meet. Eva’s got a small class made up of 7 kids. there were six parents and two teachers on the trip so it was easy to keep a handle on the kids. Not that the kids needed any disciple or control, they were wonderful. I loved spending time with Eva and her class and watching them all interact.

Eva at Adam's Farm

For the rest of the afternoon Dad and I worked around the yard. He came over while we were on the field trip and when I got home he had already finished trimming the Wisteria on the fence. We cleaned the sidewalk and made it look presentable, so much better than it had been all Summer (very hard to maintain). Dad also brought over his power washer and we did the front porch and half of the fence. It made a huge difference on the fence. Such a big difference especially since only half of it was bright white and the rest was off white and some sorta green. Well, more to do tomorrow.

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