You Can’t Put a Four Quart Enema in a Two Quart Cat

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When I was in college there was a comedian who had a bit about his sick cat. In an effort to save money when his cat was sick and needed an enema he tried to do it himself. Unfortunately he had a four quart enema bag and a two quart cat. You can get one into the other but it is not going to be pretty and everyone involved is going to be upset. That’s pretty much what happened with the treadmill delivery attempt today. Which explains the empty basement where my new TrekDesk Treadmill Desk setup should be.

I ordered a Nordic Track C900 Treadmill a couple of weeks ago and never thought that it wouldn’t be able to be brought into the basement. When the truck pulled up this morning and the guys pulled out the 86″ 350 box I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to make it down the stairs. The guys tried to get it down a couple of different ways but what we all suspected was inevitable, the treadmill was too big. So after the guys put the treadmill back on the truck and I gave them a well deserved tip they suggested a couple other treadmills that I could get instead that would fit down the stairs. So for now I do not have my TrekDesk and treadmill set up yet.

It is Monday so after the guys left I did get a chance to go and get some sleep. I was going to junk my attempt at sleep and go to Sears to order a different treadmill but my body said no and put me under for the next four hours.

When I finally came to I enjoyed a nice lunch with Eva, she’s learning Spanish at school and I learned that my five years of Spanish has prepared me to converse fluently with my almost 5 year old daughter. I worry about next week though when she surpasses my knowledge.

After lunch I drove over to Sears to pick out a new treadmill and this time I went with the ProForm Crosswalk 397 Treadmill. I also learned that Nordic Track makes the Proform treadmill. They aren’t the same level as the Nordic Track but I don’t really need all the bells and whistles of the C900 and the box it comes in will fit down the stairs. So it’s arriving Friday and next week I will start my blogging while walking and using the TrekDesk.

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Put a Four Quart Enema in a Two Quart Cat”

  1. Glad to hear that you got some sleep. And also glad that you have decided on the smaller tread mill, that one definitely wasn’t going to make it down the cellar stairs.

  2. If they are wooden stairs I would have taken stairs out and put back up after. When we lived in Hudson that is how we got a piano in the basement of course that piano may still be there. 🙂

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