You had to have cats….

This is a line my wife likes to give me each and every time the cats end up getting on her nerves. Well I get to tell her that tonight when she gets home from knitting class. Our little fuzzy angels got into our bedroom (the are not allowed int he new bedroom and usually we remember to lock them out) and knocked over the vase of flowers that I gave Allison for Valentine’s day. I was working on a post and I heard a big, loud THUMP! and I ran to the front of the house to discover the door to our bed room was open. Our cats are very adept at opening these doors in a tag team cooperative attack on the doorknob and the bottom of the door.

Oliver will climb up onto the couch and start pulling at the door with both paws. Duncan will reach one paw under the door and start yanking it toward him. They can usually get the door popped in about 15 seconds. That is unless we lock the door with a sliding bolt. Then they cannot get through, but it doesn’t stop them from trying. But they are cute.

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