You Have a Friendly Heart and are Well Admired.


You Have a Friendly Heart and are Well Admired.

Oh boy, today’s fortune is a hard one. I’m not that good at taking praise and also touting my own name. Well, you wouldn’t be able to tell that if you read my latest blog posts about personal branding. But something like this fortune is a bit tough for me. I don’t have trouble with the friendly heart part but the “well admired” part is what makes me uncomfortable.

Is It False Humility?

Some may say that this is false humility. I don’t think so, I just tend to get uncomfortable around praise. I’m a put your head down and work sort of person I figure that I just do what needs to be done so why the big deal.

There have been people who admire my photography and while I think I am a fairly decent photographer I am totally blown away by so many other people. For example Bryan Villarin of All Narfed Up is a fantastic photographer. His post processing is also quite impressive. Chica, one of my most dedicated commenter is also incredible. Her blog, Photo Projectz has some really amazing shots.

Who fits the bill of this Fortune for You?

Who in your life would be the most appropriate person in your life to get this fortune? A family member, a friend, sibling? Tell me about it in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “You Have a Friendly Heart and are Well Admired.”

  1. Thanks for the linky love! you do have an eye, especially when you set out to do something artistic, you most always get the nail on the head. Take the praise already! lol

    As for the fortune cookie. Hrrm I would give it to someone who needed it, and also is suited for it.

    Chicas last blog post..Pink Sobe

  2. Chica,
    Thanks very much. I appreciate that. Anytime for the linky love. I really like the Sobe image you took. That is really cool especially the colors.

  3. Thanks for the props, Drew!

    I’d totally agree that you have a great photographic eye. While most people take snapshots, yours tell a story (usually humorous or precious).

    My mom definitely deserves this fortune. It’s not a fortune, though, because it’s true. She’s the hardest working person I know and it’s helped me become who I am today.

    Bryan Villarins last blog post..Abocado & Mango salad

  4. Thanks so much Bryan,
    I knew you would offer some great insight. I may have a favor to ask you soon, would you like to judge a photo contest? I have a pretty fun prize coming up in a contest starting on Monday. I’m going to need judges. I think you would be great as one.

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