You Look Pretty

You Look Pretty

You Look Pretty

Today’s FortunateBluFrog fortune is all about how things look. I remember Sunstreaker as the most vain of the autobots so I popped him into the photo. Just like yesterday I used Mirage. I didn’t explain that Mirage was the one who could disappear and thus be more careful and reserved. Nope, today is about being pretty.

What Does This Mean for Bloggers?

Our blog is a reflection of who we are. So, is your blog accurately reflecting you. Is it put together and looking nice? Or, is it a disaster and a mess. Are there flashing lights and garish buttons all over the place. Are you still using the free standard templates from blogger? Take a moment to spruce up the place.

But it is Not All About Looks

You could have the most amazing looking blog on the planet but if every piece of information you write is an ad then who is going to read it? You know what I do 1st with every magazine I get, I shake out all those inserts and recycle them. I have no use for things getting in my way of flipping through magazines and reading the content. I even rip out those heavy stock ads for book clubs and other junk.

But My Ads Help Generate My Income

I know they do and ads on my blog help me earn a little money as well. But do your ads get int he way of your content. Are they ads for things that you’d never buy? Are you selling people on the idea of something that you don’t beleive in? I have nothing against ads they just need to be part of the site rather than an afterthought. Notice that I didn’t say that I ripped out ads that were on the regular pages of a magazine, it is just those afterthoughts that make me crazy. Don’t let your content be lost because of an afterthought.

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