You Make a Mess, You Clean it Up

Photo-A-Day #2835

Andrew is now getting into every cabinet in the house. When Eva was a baby we had gotten all those baby-proof things and we didn’t need any of them, except for the baby gates. Eva didn’t get into all the cabinets and drawers and everything else. Andrew hasn’t met a cabinet or drawer or more that he hasn’t opened and pulled out things. He grabs the candles out of our fireplace and puts them on the window sills (they are only decorative and never lit). He gets into the cat food and water. He eats the cat food, too. So we’ve got to do some more baby proofing at the house.

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2 thoughts on “You Make a Mess, You Clean it Up”

    1. Chris,

      I hear you. My daughter never made a huge mess and I was always able to keep ahead of her tornado. MY son, he’s a tsunami!

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